Black & Pink | 3-Pack


Black & Pink | 3-Pack

Knee-High Compression Socks

(8 customer reviews)

$63.00 $52.00

  • Light weight, moisture-wicking, quick-drying breathable fabric.
  • Prevents odor causing bacteria.
  • Stay put top band
  • Durable Heel & Toe Construction
  • Wider toe pocket for added comfort

3-Pack Includes: (2) Black (1) Black & Pink


Knee-High Compression Socks with a true gradient technology delivering precise compression where you need it the most. Our socks are lab tested by SWISS MST IV guaranteed to outlast other socks in your drawer. Rocca Performance Compression Socks are designed and manufactured to provide premium support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. The socks offer a roomy toe box and stay firmly in place without sliding or causing abrasions thanks to our high-quality soft fabrics and advanced knitting technology. Proven to boost performance, shorten recovery time, increase circulation, and assist with injury prevention.

Built for style and functionality and offer a universal fit that suits athletes and non-athletes alike. Feel good in everyday life with our versatile knee-high socks perfect for any occasion.

Compression Level: 15–25 mmHg

8 reviews for Black & Pink | 3-Pack

  1. Eva

    I had been looking at compression socks for a while but felt they were too expensive for me. I finally decided buy these during the Christmas sale. WOW I am so glad I did. I work retail and walk and stand all day for many hours. I cannot believe how much these socks have helped. I would most nights after work deal with pain in my calves and sometimes cramps too, but it is so much better now. I will be back for more – even at the regular price.

  2. Ruby F

    Very happy with my purchase. I have restless leg syndrome and wear the compression sock to bed to relieve the symptoms. They are very comfortable. Nice and thick, and not “old lady” looking. Not sure how long they will last (I had my previous pair for 8 years, but they were a special order), but less is ok too.

  3. E Hernandez

    I have only worn the compression socks a few times since I received them. They fit well, not too tight especially around the upper calf area.
    The support around my lower legs are great and I would highly recommend them.

  4. Allison Larson

    I have come to find compression sock a necessary asset to my wardrobe. Not only do they help with circulation but swelling is much better and my legs actually feel more energetic while wearing them and afterwards. I prefer the rocca sock brand due to comfort, fit and durability.

  5. Shirley Cook

    I have never worn compression socks before, but my doctor told me to get some for a cross country flight due to a recent knee injury. These are great quality compression socks and I would highly recommend wearing them when travelling. I will be wearing these for all future flights!C

  6. Christina

    Received these compression socks as a gift from my in-laws who swear by them, and I agree they are phenomenal.

  7. Sheila P. (verified owner)

    Fits well. Comfortable to wear for extented time. Quality seems solid. Recommend.

  8. Jen C (verified owner)

    These are the BEST compression socks around. They don’t roll down, but don’t cut blood circulation off either. The socks go on easier than others and are easy to take off. They compression they provide is very good.

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