Black & Lime

Black & Lime

Knee-High Compression Socks

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  • Light weight, moisture-wicking, quick-drying breathable fabric.
  • Prevents odor causing bacteria.
  • Stay put top band
  • Durable Heel & Toe Construction
  • Wider toe pocket for added comfort

Knee-High Compression Socks with a true gradient technology delivering precise compression where you need it the most. Our socks are lab tested by SWISS MST IV and guaranteed to outlast other socks in your drawer. Rocca Performance Compression Socks are designed and manufactured to provide premium support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. The socks offer a roomy toe box and stay firmly in place without sliding or causing abrasions thanks to our high-quality soft fabrics and advanced knitting technology. Proven to boost performance, shorten recovery time, increase circulation, and assist with injury prevention.

Built for style and functionality and offer a universal fit that suits athletes and non-athletes alike. Feel good in everyday life with our versatile knee-high socks perfect for any occasion.

Compression Level: 15–25 mmHg

30 reviews for Black & Lime

  1. Lynne M (verified owner)

    I got these socks to wear with my boots this winter. They really help with my leg cramps and numbness during the day and sometimes at night. This is my first pair of compression socks so I cannot compare them to anything else, but I like them a lot and will be getting some more pairs.

  2. Nina (verified owner)

    Adorable socks and I like how they fit. I did notice that the pattern leaves some marks on my calves, but they disappear quickly and really don’t bother me.

  3. Christina C (verified owner)

    I really wanted to love these socks, but they made a lot of indentions on my legs. Not sure if I got a too small size. Besides that, they are super cute and pretty comfortable when on.

  4. Liz (verified owner)

    I have some issues with swelling around my ankles, especially when I’ve been sitting down for a while. These socks work great for countering the swelling and they tend to keep my legs feeling less tired while I’m wearing them. I ordered 2 more pairs after wearing these for a week. In addition to being super cute then are also very comfortable. Recommending these socks for sure.

  5. Mary-Ann B. (verified owner)

    Just got these socks in yesterday and they’re really cute. I have small feet (women’s 6). The foot part is a little too big, however I was nothing that bothered me when I put shoes on. The calf part fits fine. Not too tight. Will be wearing them on an upcoming long flight from US to Europe.

  6. Kara F (verified owner)

    I initially bought these because I started working out, but I really like wearing them around the house. I get shin splints during work outs, and I already feel a lot more comfortable wearing these. Will buy another pair!

  7. Jessica M (verified owner)

    These compression socks feel great since I am on my feet for 6 hours each workday. I always get lots of compliments on the socks. Love them!

  8. Debbie Rankin (verified owner)

    LOVE THESE SOCK! The design and the colors are fantastic. I’ve bought a lot of compression socks over the years as I travel overseas quite often, and these are so much more comfortable than those purchased in the past.
    On top of making superior products, this small company has a fabulous customer support. I had to return a pair I ordered for my husband and they were very helpful, friendly and accommodating, something that is far in between these days.
    I will buy more of their socks for myself and as gifts!

  9. rachel B (verified owner)

    So far I love these socks. I am 27 weeks pregnant and was looking for compression socks comfy enough for everyday wear and effective enough to handle my ankle edema. These socks have the perfect amount of compression to feel the effect, but not so much that they are uncomfortable. The material of the socks are good quality and the design and colors are very nice. My previous compression socks were actually thin white nylon socks, so not very fashionable. These socks are comfy, effective, and cute. They also are the perfect length, stopping right at my knees.

  10. Kinsey (verified owner)

    These work great and are SUPER cute! I like to wear them around the house after a I run to help recover quicker. I bought a pair of cheaper compression socks, and I can definitely tell the difference, these are worth the extra money.

  11. Veronica R (verified owner)

    When I travel, flying or driving, longer distances I was told to wear compression socks. I love these because the fun colors and pattern and how they feel. Just wore them for a long trip. No boring compression socks for this girl!

  12. Janice B. (verified owner)

    I really really like these compression socks! They do the job but are still lightweight and comfortable. It’s like giving my ankles and calves a big hug when I have them on. I ordered the pink dotted ones too and they are just as comfortable.

  13. Lizzie S (verified owner)

    I like them, but they are too long for my short legs! I’m 4’9” and wear size 6 ½ in shoe.

  14. Frances K (verified owner)

    These socks fit amazingly well! They are stylish, easy to get on and off and provide adequate compression for being on your feet all day working!

  15. Corinne G (verified owner)

    Really helps with swelling in ankles and legs from pregnancy!

  16. Denise T (verified owner)

    These socks have totally changed my life the last couple months of my pregnancy. I am on my feet for work and these socks keep my feet from swelling and eliminates my foot and knee pain. They go on first thing in the morning and I don’t take them off until I’m ready for bed at night

  17. Angella (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping and the socks are so cute. Wore them all day yesterday and my legs felt awesome and looked great too!

  18. Colleen T (verified owner)

    I really like these compression socks. They have a quality appearance and a cute design. I am wearing them for travel and appreciate they don’t look like a medical compression sock!

  19. Ally (verified owner)

    I love these socks so far:)

  20. Nichelle (verified owner)

    I purchased these socks for an upcoming long airplane flight. Although I have not worn them other than to try them on, they fit well and seem to give a comfortable level of support. Unlike other compression socks they were relatively easy to get on and off.

  21. Grace N (verified owner)

    These socks are really cute, and the compression is comfortable and does its job, feels like a quality product.

  22. Cathy E (verified owner)

    I like the feel and looks of the socks. Gave them 4 stars because I wanted them to be a little shorter. The thickness of the socks is great, so if the socks came up closer to my knee they would be just about perfect. I ordered the S/M size and they just seemed a little longer compared to other socks I have purchased. Will say though that they wash great and I didn’t see any shrinkage which was a big plus. Based on the overall impression I will absolutely recommend these socks.

  23. Kate H. (verified owner)

    I’m currently in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and my feet/ankles are starting to get pretty puffy when sitting and walking. I wore pantyhose compression stocking during my last pregnancy, but they were such a pain to get on so I don’t want to mess with that again.
    These socks have done the trick. I like the compression they provide. My legs feel more energized & supported and my “kankles” are gone!

  24. P Wilson (verified owner)

    I bought these as a gift for my mom for her birthday. She has been wearing compression socks for a few years now for swelling in her legs. My mom really loves them. They are comfortable and fit her well. Plus, the colors are fun and compared to the ones she purchased in the past. We would definitely recommend this to anyone needing compression socks. The price is amazing and so is the product

  25. Adrienne (verified owner)

    I’m a nurse and i work 12-hour shifts. I’ve never worn compression socks before, but was beginning to experience tired, achy feet and legs. I saw this product online and though I’ll give it a try. What a difference the first time I wore them. I felt the leg support while walking and after wearing them for three 12-hour shifts
    the foot and leg discomfort were gone.
    I would recommend this product.

  26. Catherine L (verified owner)

    These socks are perfect for my needs. You need to measure the circumference of your calf to get the right size.
    The sock material is comfortable and light, but by any means not thin so it is perfect for all year wear.
    I just purchased a second pair.

  27. Edith R (verified owner)

    Great fit. I just received my second order from this brand of socks. They fit significantly better than my thin nylon compression stockings and I don’t have problems with them tearing. Although I am an older girl, I don’t want to wear flesh toned stockings all the time and is why I like the fun pattern on these stocks.

  28. Anna Roberson

    Super comfortable to wear. I travel a lot and needed some compression socks that would actually help me during the flights, but that also wouldn’t break the bank. Only thing is the socks leave little indentions on your legs although, they go away 5 minutes after you take them off. I would recommend

  29. Kristin (verified owner)

    I purchase these socks for work and overall, they are good. I am not a big fan of the imprints they leave on my legs which seem to stay for a little while after the socks are off.

  30. Macy K (verified owner)

    Compression socks can look boring, but these are so cute. I read the reviews before getting these socks and I’m not disappointed. They are so comfortable, they do leave some marks on the skin, but it’s just funny looking for a minute and then they go away. I wear them for at least 8 hours daily and my legs feel so much less fatigue. There are no swollen feet and ankles and they help with blood circulation. I recommend these socks and there is a variety of designs to choose from.

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