Black & Blue

Black & Blue

Knee-High Compression Socks

(27 customer reviews)


  • Light weight, moisture-wicking, quick-drying breathable fabric.
  • Prevents odor causing bacteria.
  • Stay put top band
  • Durable Heel & Toe Construction
  • Wider toe pocket for added comfort

Knee-High Compression Socks with a true gradient technology delivering precise compression where you need it the most. Our socks are lab tested by SWISS MST IV guaranteed to outlast other socks in your drawer. Rocca Performance Compression Socks are designed and manufactured to provide premium support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. The socks offer a roomy toe box and stay firmly in place without sliding or causing abrasions thanks to our high-quality soft fabrics and advanced knitting technology. Proven to boost performance, shorten recovery time, increase circulation, and assist with injury prevention.

Built for style and functionality and offer a universal fit that suits athletes and non-athletes alike. Feel good in everyday life with our versatile knee-high socks perfect for any occasion.

Compression Level: 15–25 mmHg

27 reviews for Black & Blue

  1. Jason B (verified owner)

    My wife got these for me for our recent trip to Europe. We had a couple long flights each way and travelling on economy your leg room is very limited. Well, I put the socks on before boarding the plane and kept them on until we arrived. I wasn’t sure what to expect with these, but I forgot I had them on, they were so comfortable and my legs felt really good after we landed. Will recommend these socks to anyone travelling overseas.

  2. Michael W (verified owner)

    Great socks for runners with larger calves.

  3. Liz T (verified owner)

    I saw an ad for Rocca Sock and liked what I read about them. My husband loved them!!!!!! He has RA so it took him awhile to get the socks on initially, but now got it down to taking him only a few minutes! He says they are really comfortable and make his legs feel great. He is so happy with them that I just order 5 more pairs.

  4. Nik (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product. They shipped very quickly.

  5. corey L (verified owner)

    I’m a nurse at a large trauma center and on my feet the entire 12 hour shift. I have for a long time had problems with my legs and feet aching and my ankles swelling. This has been the best compression socks I’ve tried so far. Snug, yet very comfortable and goes up just below my knee. They are perfect and will buy several more. Ankles don’t swell and legs don’t ache like they used to. Definitely recommend this brand!

  6. Peter Johnson (verified owner)

    Don’t travel without.My wife and I had no swelling in our lower extremities and could move around fine. These are invaluable for long distance flights or car trips.

  7. Dale K (verified owner)

    Purchased these to keep my ankles from swelling during long flights and they exceeded my expectations!

  8. John S (verified owner)

    I know compression socks are supposed to be tight, but these are a bit to tight for me. I have pretty thick calves (19″) and I ordered L/XL(which is the largest size this company offer). Will try to stretch them a little and give them another try, because I do like the material.

  9. Kris Hall (verified owner)

    I am in the process of losing weight and got these socks to wear when I run on the treadmill. So far, I’m very happy with the purchase and feel the money was well spent.

  10. Bobby B (verified owner)

    These socks are very good. I’ve been having nightly leg cramps for a long time and have tried “everything” available trying to relieve the pain, but nothing has worked. – except these!

  11. Jonas M. (verified owner)

    These socks are comfortable, even for large calves like mine. I ordered the black pair with blue stripes. I am a runner and I wear them a couple of hours after running as well.

  12. Alana G (verified owner)

    I bought these for my husband who has diabetes and he state they are the best compression socks he was ever worn. They were a little bit of a struggle to put on the first time but seemed a little easier the following times. He defiantly noticed the improvement with his leg pains.

  13. Will D (verified owner)

    I bought one pair and liked the quality so much that I ordered 4 more pairs. I work in the health care industry and I’m on my feet off and on all day. They are very conformable and do not bunch up or feel unpleasantly restrictive. The quality is great and they look like new after multiple washes. GREAT SOCKS!

  14. ROCCO (verified owner)

    I was actually looking for a higher level of compression when I saw these. They feel comfortably snug and my legs feel great during my 12 hour shifts. Much less leg fatigue after long night shifts.

  15. Stan C (verified owner)

    I ordered these per request of my wife after an ankle injury! She wears this brand of compression socks every day at work and appreciates the support they provide. I like the look and feel of the socks and the support the provide my ankle, huge difference.

  16. Daniel R. (verified owner)

    These are a must-have for long flights. They make a world of difference in your circulation and my legs felt less restless when I wore these. They also prevented the much-dreaded swelling that I always see after 11 hours on a plane.

  17. Garrick North (verified owner)

    As a physical therapist, I am on my feet all day and have high expectations from compression socks. These socks fit well and are doing a great job eliminating the swelling and leg aches I often have. Highly recommend.

  18. JL (verified owner)

    Very prompt shipment. Socks were as advertised, size and compression perfect. Exactly what I needed. Like that the socks are black with just a little color.

  19. Kara W (verified owner)

    My husband loves them for working out. Great socks.

  20. Sarah F (verified owner)

    My husband has been dealing with a sore calf which kept him from running his usual 10 miles each day. His doctor recommended theses compression socks and it was almost instant relief when he started wearing them. The soreness is gone and he is running again without problems.

  21. Eddie K (verified owner)

    Very comfortable compression socks. Don’t have issues with them falling down when running. Adequate compression and I like they are dry a couple of hours after I wash them.

  22. Lawrence P (verified owner)

    True to fit. Machine washable. Will buy again!

  23. Jeff (verified owner)

    Like these compression socks. I’m a truck driver and don’t have swollen ankles anymore.

  24. Catherine Lee

    My boyfriend loves the socks! He is super into working out and these socks make the recovery time 10 times quicker. Will be purchasing some more

  25. Nick (verified owner)

    Excellent compression socks. Highly recommend.

  26. Drew N. (verified owner)

    They are good looking and are well made. I am afraid that they are made to good and don’t give as much as I need them to. I cannot get them over my ankles. My ratings do not reflect the quality rather the fact that they are not working for me.

  27. Travis D. (verified owner)

    Amazing socks! I felt instant relief in my calves as soon as I put them on. I use them everyday now. I sit a lot at work and in the summer my calves swell up and are painful. Now with the socks, they do not swell. I am so happy I bought them.

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